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"Breaking the Barrier"

April 8 through May 28

Reception April 8, 6-8 pm

Coconino Center for the Arts

This is an exciting group show that challenged artists to create works that that asks the viewer to interact using two or more of their five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, or taste). I created an interactive installation called "Translating Color" that includes my plein air paintings "Grand Canyon Color Study" and "Sunset at Grand View" (shown here), as well as a few watercolor studies of Grand Canyon.

This won't be just another show—my installation includes a hands-on experiment for viewers to challenge their perception of color and memory. It will be fun!

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Dale's Tree 2_8

Etching with chine colle

36in x 30in

The prints in this gallery were made through the process of copperplate etching or zinc plate etching. To etch, I coat a metal plate in an acid-resistant coating, draw through that with a needle to expose metal in places, then immerse the plate in an acid bath. Where the acid touches the metal it etches lines, and those lines will hold ink when I print. I often make an image by printing several plates over each other, using different colors of ink.

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Sunrise on Mount Elden with Supermoon

Linoleum block and woodcut

12in x 37in

Woodcut, or relief printmaking, is a medium that allows me great freedom to use layers of color in very expressive ways. I sometimes also use linoleum blocks to add shapes to my relief prints.

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Sunflowers for Helen

Acrylic on Canvas

48in x 48in

My paintings vary in size and medium. In this gallery you will see some small, spontaneous plein air paintings that I make on location when I visit inspiring places. You will also see some acrylic paintings and some oil paintings created in studio. In my studio I have more flexibility in size and time, and the result is often larger paintings built up in layers and glazes.

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Hybrid Prints

Bluemont No. 4

Woodcut, collograph, oil and encaustic

12in x 24in

Often just one medium is not enough for me to express what I have to say. Here you will see prints combining etching, woodcut, painting and encaustic. Each medium brings a different kind of mark to the print, and I love mixing them up!

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