Dale's Tree 2_8

Etching with chine colle

36in x 30in

The prints in this gallery were made through the process of copperplate etching or zinc plate etching. To etch, I coat a metal plate in an acid-resistant coating, draw through that with a needle to expose metal in places, then immerse the plate in an acid bath. Where the acid touches the metal it etches lines, and those lines will hold ink when I print. I often make an image by printing several plates over each other, using different colors of ink.

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Sunrise on Mount Elden with Supermoon

Linoleum block and woodcut

12in x 37in

Woodcut, or relief printmaking, is a medium that allows me great freedom to use layers of color in very expressive ways. I sometimes also use linoleum blocks to add shapes to my relief prints.

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Sunflowers for Helen

Acrylic on Canvas

48in x 48in

My paintings vary in size and medium. In this gallery you will see some small, spontaneous plein air paintings that I make on location when I visit inspiring places. You will also see some acrylic paintings and some oil paintings created in studio. In my studio I have more flexibility in size and time, and the result is often larger paintings built up in layers and glazes.

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Hybrid Prints

Bluemont No. 1

Woodcut, collograph, oil and encaustic

48in x 24in

Often just one medium is not enough for me to express what I have to say. Here you will see prints combining etching, woodcut, painting and encaustic. Each medium brings a different kind of mark to the print, and I love mixing them up!

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